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App Review Wednesday - VeryFamily App



By: VeryPhone
Created: April 2013
Last updated: February 2015
There are currently no reviews on the ipad in the app store.

From the creators -

Looking to easily draw your family tree ?
You know nothing about genealogy ?
It's almost the anniversary of Grandma and you want to print his family tree with a photo of all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren ?
VeryFamily is for you.
Simply enter the full name of the people to show and their relationship and VeryFamily does the rest and draws the family tree of any member of your family.
Of course you can complete the form for each person indicating their date and place of birth, date and place of death and profession if you know them, and attach a photo.
Easily manage remarriages and stepfamilies.
VeryFamily wants general public oriented, accessible to everyone.
VeryFamily not intended to be a tool for professional genealogy.
VeryFamily is just a tool of representation of family trees. Recreational use and intuitive interface make it an original essential application to create beautiful family trees.
VeryFamily trees build full family trees starting from a member of your family (tree trunk) and draws its ascendants (the roots of the tree), but also all its descendants (branches and leaves of the tree) . VeryFamily is not limited, as with other products, to 3 or 4 generations. It will draw all the generations you have indicated.
To add some Fun to your trees, VeryFamily offers several types of representations of family trees. Add frames for photos of people, materialize sky and earth for more realism.
With over 10,000 opportunities to represent your family tree, you should find your happiness.

In options:
VeryFamily manages swap files between applications genealogy. It can export your tree in gedcom format. You can also take a tree that has already been done on another application and send by email, on your iPad, the gedcom file. Very Family will import the data so you do not re-enter it.

VeryFamily can export your family tree generating a PDF file to allow you to distribute it by email to your family or simply to print. However, you can print your tree directly from the app with AirPrint technology.

VeryFamily integrates a module to backup and restore your data to allow you to transfer your trees on another iPad in case of reset or change device.

For any questions or observations, please send an email to support : support@


So recently I did a search for genealogy apps on my ipad.  There are a lot more now then there used to be.  But while writing them down for me to start reviewing this one caught my eye and I knew this was the one I was going to review.  At first glance it looked exciting, super cute and fun. 
Lets start with the basics.  It's a free download for the ipad.  That is nice.  You can build a tree from the ground up.  You can add cute backgrounds or leave it plain.  You add the persons name, date and place of birth, date and place of death, parents, spouses, and children.  You can also add their picture.

The process of adding people is simple but it it's not.  If in the process of adding someone you click on something and you missed a step, like not adding the gender, it will go back and delete everything you put in on that person.  Also you will notice from my screen shots that the app has both English and French. 

When you add children to a marriage it will only list the parent you clicked on to add them.  You will have to add the other parent.  It doesn't add both parents of the marriage.  I find that odd. 

The tree apparently goes in a straight line and it is set to one side of the screen.  The ads are annoying and when I click on "no more ads" and then click on buy nothing happens.  You are supposed to be able to  import and export a GedCom, PDF export, Print, Back up, and restore but those are items you have to purchase.  I don't know if its individual purchase or just one purchase.  Once again when I click on buy NOTHING HAPPENS.  So I can't even tell you the cost.

Overall I was disappointed in the app.  It is need of work.  I think if they work on it and fix things it might actually be a super cute app.


I would love to hear if you have tried it and what you thought!!!

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