Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome to App Review Wednesday!!!

Welcome to App Review Wednesday!!!

What a world we live in today.  We have access to so much information at our fingertips.  It is some what nice that we are able to turn on our computers and research right from home. 
The price of gas makes it expensive to travel from place to place when you are centrally located around those records.  But the cost of driving or flying to research and be even worse.  Many do not have the money to do these things.  I know I am one of them.
My family is mostly from New York and Connecticut and I lived in Florida for 12 years.  I lived in Florida when I decided to start researching.  And in just the past 12 years it is amazing how many documents have become accessible.  Every year that goes by more and more records can be accessed from the internet.  Most of us are truely greatful for that.
Still doing work on the internet at times can only get you so far.  And lets admit nothing really beats face time with loved ones and their stories. 
That being said how many of us have an iphone, ipad, ipod touch, or any of the other millions of new smart technology out there?  Now we not only can get our information by working on our computer but we have access to all the same information from out great smartphones.  This truely amazing.
I have an iphone and have downloaded a few free apps to try and see what they are like and what their is to like or not like about them.  Then I will share this information with you.
The first app I have scanned through is
While finding apps I found this app and then found out that there is a webpage.  Surprisingly I did not know about this webpage prior to the app. 
There informations

Tombfinder App

By SaasSoft LLC

Use the TombFinder App to locate a Headstone wether you are walking or driving. You simply search the name of the headstone you're looking for and hit "driving directions" or "walking directions". Once inside of the cemetery your TombFinder App will lead you right to your destination.

There are currently 230 cemeteries in our database but if you cannot find the record you are looking for, never fear! Suggest TombFinder to your local cemetery. If your suggestion leads to that cemetery becoming our partner, we will give your loved one an eternal memorial account at no charge to you!
An eternal memorial account allows you to upload pictures and memories to the record of your loved one.

Otherwise, you can add your cemetery and upload records from your mobile device.

To get started using the app go to:

Check your app store soon for new TombFinder updates!

Now for my information. 

Right off the bat the app uses your phones gps technology to find your location.  You can touch search and it will bring up a map with your location.  Now you have a choice of local or global search. 

I used my grand fathers name BRYANT.  I know he is buried in Hartwick.  Typing in just BRYANT I recieved a lot of names.  Right off the bat I will tell you it does not tell me how many results.  It shows names and headstones but it does not tell you where they are located.

So I decided to type in Bryant, Douglas I get no response.  I have to figure there are no Douglas Bryants in the system.  I get the same response with just Doug.  Kind of disappointing.

So lets try another name BALCOM.  Globally I was sent 5 names, locally nothing.  Once again no information on where these tombstones are at first glance.  So I decided to click on one. 

Now as you can see from the picture its shows the headstone, the name, the year of birth and death.  Still no information on the cemetery.  I do have options as driving directions, walking directions, add to favorites, edit and add additional personal photo.  Lets click on driving directions.

What the heck??!!?!?  All the way across the country???  Well that is not my Balcom. 

Zooming in I see it is some place north of Seattle, Washington. 

While I like the concept of the app, it is not a good app for me.  Further investigation showed me that none of my family tombstones are on this app.  The description does say that there is currently only 230 cemeteries.  I hope they can get more.  The description also says that its users can help build their database by contacting their local cemeteries and suggest to them to particate.  Or you can add your local cemetery and upload your photos. 

While I do not have much of a following maybe we can help build their database by suggestioning the app/website to our local cemeteries or just help build the site by adding our own photos. 

I believe that this can be an extremely useful app when it gets going.  Especially if the walking directions work.  I have to extremely large cemeteries near me.  How great would it be to find a family member with literally step by step directions. 


  1. I love the app reviews! There are so many apps that is hard to find the good ones. I think I have found the best apps from other peoples recommendations. My friends and I get together and tell each other which ones we like the best.


    1. Thank you. There are a lot of apps out there. Just another way to bring the past into the future. If there is an app that you would like to see me review let me know and I will look into it.


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